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What does GOOD look like to us?


Key Questions

How emerging technological advancement with AI/ ML/ deep learning can strengthen the life sciences research

How to strengthen and expand the computational memory, application and the necessary skill set along with development of open access data bank that keeps the context and facilitates neighbourhood search for life sciences research

How we connect the dots for translational research and innovations in oncology through inter institutional and interdisciplinary collaborations

How to facilitate young minds for disruptive ideas that improve human health

Key Questions

Investment Priorities

Investment priorities:Inter-institutional and Interdisciplinary translational research in computational biology / computational oncology

Emerging life sciences research that promises long-term impact on people's lives and train young scientists

Application of AI/ML/Deep learning in computational biology research and training of young scientists

Young researchers/ scientists/ entrepreneurs with translational research in life sciences

Computer Programmers
Investment Priorities
Grant Partnerships/Collaborations

Grant Partnerships/Collaborations


University of Texas, Austin


Stanford University


Indian Institute of Science, Bengaluru


One School at a Time


Heart to Heart Foundation


Harker School, San Jose


Foundation for Excellence

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